White Runtz

White Runtz is another phenotype of the Gelato x Zkittles cross. While it varies genetically from original Runtz very little, its appearance and potency are quite different. WR is named White Runtz for its candy-like flavor and massive amounts of silvery-white trichomes that cover the flowers entirely. These resinous trichomes show a decent uptick in potency, and of the three, this phenotype is the most powerful.

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Do you like ice cream? Then you’ll love the WRstrain. This rare strain hails from the Bay Area. It’s a sweet, fruity, and creamy strain known for its powerfully creative head high. This is the perfect strain for spending a long afternoon crafting or hanging out with friends, combined with a relaxing body buzz.

WR is famous for its potency. The strain comes from a powerful combination of Gelato and Zkittlez, two popular strains that taste great together. The result is a perfectly balanced, 50/50 indica-sativa hybrid with potent effects. The WR strain THC percentage can be as high as 24%. If you want a tasty, intense, long-lasting high, WR is the strain for you.

WR is a mouthwatering cross of two delicious strains: Gelato and Zkittlez. This strain produces flowers that are covered in trichomes and have an amazing sweet, fruity smell.

The Runtz family of strains are a cross between Zkittles and Gelato. They are phenotypes of phenotypes from the Girl Scout Cookies family all double-crossed with each other. Big whoop, right? Wrong! Runtz is one of the most popular strains in the entire country right now. They offer some of the creamiest, fruitiest flavors you can find in any cannabis strain. They quite literally taste like candy and come in a total of three varieties.

Currently, Runtz strains are only available as clones directly from the original breeder in Cali. Outside of the original phenotype, it’s quite difficult to propagate the Runtz strain on your own. She’s an exotic, inbred, and finicky strain, so she’s rated difficult to grow. The strain can also have problems with mold if humidity levels aren’t optimal. Luckily, there are a lot of dried Runtz flowers making their way around the country.

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