Runtz OG

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Runtz OG

Buy Runtz OG Online – Runtz Og for sale – Where to buy Runtz OG

Buy Runtz OG online. Runtz OG is a sweet diesel, high octane gas off a heavy nose with THC content of 22%-29% range. Runtz OG has a creamy smoke that is smooth and welcoming alongside a euphoric and elevating high that lasts for hours. Where to buy Runtz OG. We  have Runtz OG for sale in stock order now at mariocarts and get the best delivery service.

Why you should Buy Runtz OG Online

If you are looking for something to keep you in the mood, that happy feelings then runtz og is the right strain for you. The strain gives side effects such as, creativity, relaxed, happiness. The is so much to Runtz OG than just the effects, its delicios teates and best smell you can ever imagine. The Runtz OG is from the fire society. If runtz og isn’t your thing we got banana runtz, white runtz and runtz buddha hands.

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Oz, .1\4 Pound., 1\2 Pound., 1 Pound.

5 reviews for Runtz OG

  1. Andy Smith

    Absolutely Beautiful Strain . I love the way it’s balanced between the too , Sativa/Indica ..My opinion has best of both worlds for me and Def got the taste profiles and very Beautiful dense flowers with heavy red/crystal accents.!! I would highly Recommend this to any new patient

  2. George Nister

    My absolute favorite daytime hybrid strains from goforweed. I use it to stay awake and active while getting rid of all of my pain and anxiety. I suffer from tarsal tunnel syndrome and no other strain help me as much as OG kush. For me it is a perfect hybrid at about 50:50 feel for me.

  3. Morgan Small

    Harsh taste but delivers as promised. Hints of pine and earthiness. Dry mouth,eyes and lips. Lathargic feeling. I will rather go with other hybrids provided by

  4. Kenny Bowels

    OG Kush is a legend for a reason. The high is mellow, but intense. It comes on gradually and delivers a nice relaxed and talkative state of mind. Not a great strain for getting a lot done, but for kicking back and jamming on some music or talking about movies, OG Kush is the king. No bad side effects from Ogk either. I have panic attacks sometimes and I had zero anxiety with this strain. Definitely gives the munchies, but that’s part of the great experience too, being able to max out on some delicious food. I am glad to have mariocarts who can always supply me with this strain.

  5. Janny Smith

    Super potent and gives you a strong head buzz that last for hours. This strain locks me into the couch with a bunch of munchies!

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